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tgj909r4rw 9th June 2018 04:32 PM

3000~5000USD for monitors

This is my first thread, so if I break any rules, please be easy on me.

I am looking for monitor upgrade, coming from HS8.

My budget is around 3000~5000USD.

My room is very small. About 12*10feet, but well treated.

I produce House, EDM, and Hiphop stuff. So low end is very important for me.

HS8's are great, but I want to hear more detail. I want to make my decisions faster, and want my mix's to translate well in other environment.

My grandfather owns B&W 801s, and I love them.
Looking for same kind of vibe.

I also like focal clear headphones and HD650(what I use now)
Hope you could give me some advices.