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Rumi 7th June 2018 12:30 PM

Lucas CS-1
I use a pair for stereo recordings. They sound incredible as drum room mics, on any acoustic instrument, and also as room mics for example for electric guitar etc.

Voice is hit or miss (as is often the case).

As an example, a mandolin sounded just incredible through the CS-1. I have never heard such a sweet yet defined recording of a mandolin. The Schoeps Mk4 that was next to the CS-1 sounded like the usual SDC: piercing and annoying point source. The CS-1 presented the mandolin in a clearer and more detailed and defined way, but totally relaxed, and its sound was like a halo around the space where the mandolin dwelled. I put that Schoeps away.

Some people have complained about the mic being too bright. I have had that phenomena on some rare occasions. I haven't found out so far when and why the unnatural sounding highs can appear. If they do, it sounds like some strangely saturated highs. This happened on femal voice once, and also a few times on a steel string guitar. In that case, put the mic somewhere else, or use a different mic. In all the cases where this issue is not present, the frequency plot of the mic is just great, and "natural sounding" is an attribute that immediately comes up.

I would say that the CS-1 is more universal and stunning sounding than my Wagner U47w, and most other mics (the Josephson C700S being an exception).