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TVR 26th May 2018 05:05 AM

Bock 251 - Can't get strong level without clipping
I brought the mic to Bock tech and they tested it w normal results.
Trying to find the sweet spot with my front end, but something's off.

I get clipping from the slightest touch on the micstand and the softest breath while singing pops it. To be clear, it clips in the sound itself, not in my converter or DAW.

My usual signal flows through Manley Dual Mono Mic Pre, then to Manley ELOP, then to Lavry AD converter.
The Manley gear all checks out. Tubes are good, etc.
I tested with my RME Fireface UCX and this problem is not there, so there's something w the Manley gear that this mic is sensitive to.

I know, it's tubes on tubes, which may be too much gain, but when I reduce the gain to the point where there's less clipping (bypass ELOP, etc.) I get almost nothing going into my DAW. Tiny waveforms.

Even when I have low gain on mic pre and turn up output gain on ELOP, still a problem of super low signal going into converter.
No matter the scenario, the result is low level.

Anyone have this issue with a solution?

mbvoxx 26th May 2018 03:53 PM

hmmm...just a thought, which you're probably already ahead of but worth a shot....
are you inputting at the DAW thru a Mic or Line input? If you're coming in thru a Mic input then you'd be over gaining it since the mic has it's own power supply. Make sure you're connecting to a line input.

Midwood.Studio 28th May 2018 09:17 PM

have you tried your manely chain with a different microphone in front of it? And do I understand correctly that when you connect the Bock directly to your RME mic preamp in the UCX, the mic works appropriately? Do you have any other outboard mic pre's to swap out temporarily just to try and isolate where the problem is? It sounds like you've already tried bypassing the ELOP. Have you also tried bypassing the lavry and going straight from manley preamp to UCX line input?