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Martel80 21st May 2018 02:31 PM

Restoration of a Soundcraft Series 800 ( Not B ) My Journey.
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Just scored another Soundcraft yesterday.

This one was sold as not-functioning.

Got it for very cheap.

It's a 18/8/2 with 4 AUX

Sweepable EQ are Mid Hi and Mid Low, the High and Low are fixed freq shelf.

Looked at it while starting cleaning it this morning....seems very well built, a lot of good routing options.....that seems like another good cheap mixer.

Removed all the pots and faders and put them all in soapy water in a tuperware.

There was 2 pot missing on the lot....If its possible, I'm thinking of buying new ones....prettier haha. I Mean the whole lot to be changed.

This thing is super dusty.

I have absolutely no experience with a solder Iron so I wont be the one recapping it.

But first I'll send the PSU to get a re-haul and possible step up the voltage for a possible increased headroom.

Here's the first pictures:

And now :

This thread Will keep a journal of every steps ,decision I take towards my goal and Restoration process.

Martel80 24th May 2018 04:55 AM

So now i'm almost done with washing the front panels and knobs,

I'm searching for extra channels for spare parts.

8001 Input Modules

8006 FX Return Module

8005 Master Module

8003 Group Module

I'm also wondering if the 8011 input modules from a 800B or a 1600 would fit my 800.

Other question, My PSU is completely dead.

Would a working cps-450 be enough for my 800 ?

Lets find out in the next episode ! :lol:

Martel80 24th May 2018 08:52 PM

Other updates.

Just order 7 x 8001 Input Modules from eBay.

Also got an answer to my question about the Series 800 PSU from the great Gents at Creation Audio Labs:

This board requires +/-17V for Audio, +24V for Logic circuits, and +48V for phantom power. A CPS-450 would be a good option for you granted the console doesn't have too much current requires or you haven't done any significant board mods that require more current.

So it seems like if I'm looking to change the Op Amps, I might need ( or not ) a different PSU.

I'll need to ask Stephan Alary that will change the cap and possibly change the Op Amps.

To be continued....

Martel80 25th May 2018 12:56 PM

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And I'm done with the cleaning of the faceplates and back plates ( interior exterior )

My towels were black and it needed a lot of recleaning phase to end up with no gray or black residue on the towels.

Isopropanol worked like a charm, especially around the potentiometers ....their was a lot of grease leaking.

I dont think I'll clean the interior. those components seems too fragile for me to risk to break something while cleaning.

Martel80 4th February 2019 12:50 AM

Finally Received my Revamped PSU last week.

After a few test, There"s only a few things that doesnt work.
The right Meter lights on the master bus and 2 others from the Group Bus.
There's also one fader from an input that need to be changed.
I still have 7 Input channel for spare parts.

Sadly, I'll have to let this one go as I need money for other projects so this journey is coming to an end.

If interested, send me a PM.

I'm in Montreal, Canada.

Oh and by the way, its an 18/16/2 with 4 aux FX return