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Skyhammer 13th May 2018 05:53 PM

Bitwig HW Clock Output issue
I recently purchased Bitwig as my DAW with the intended goal of syncing my modular synth and my DAW. First and foremost for syncing clocks and recording in time with VST instruments and other audio tracks from various instruments. Also with the intention of sending cv control back and forth.

I have Bitwig's HW CLOCK OUTPUT set to ADAT output 1 which is Output 1 on my Expert Sleepers ES-8. I selected the gate button on the HW CLOCK OUTPUT as recommended and have tried every possible combination of 1/24 (24ppqn) and all the others as well as .5ms, 1ms, 5ms, 50%. (I also went straight from my audio interface which is a UAD Apollo 8p and has DC coupled outputs and got the same results that i'm about to describe). On the ES8's the led's blink with whatever multiplier settings i have on the HW CLOCK OUTPUT. When i plug the output into a different module, such as the FLXS1 sequencer everything is syncing in time to that multiple or divisor. All is good but all my clocking in my modular setup is typically done in Pam's New Workout. When i plug it into the clock input on Pam's it says the clock is unstable. Trying first on 24ppqn with the HW CLOCK OUTPUT set on 1/24. I have the run turned on Yes on Pam's but have also tried it with No and have tried sending a reset setting from the HW CLOCK OUTPUT from a different output with no luck. The only time i got something kind of working was when i had the divisor on HW CLOCK OUTPUT set on 1/96 (Pam's ppqn at 24) and the Pam's DIN, MIDI expander x1 output was in sync all multipliers and divisors were off and the main pam's unit was showing a faster BPM. Stop the playback on Bitwig and everything speeds way up.

Is there anything I can do to get this setup to work? I'm open to other solutions as well. I also have a MOTU midi rack interface which i've never used.

channelite 22nd April 2019 10:03 PM

Did you ever get the cv clock resolved? I want to send clock to my Rakit Baby 8 sequencer. I can send a sample of the clock from the Digitakt and that drives the Baby 8, though I have to mess around with the volume on the Digitakt. I am sacrificing the right audio channel to send clock.

I only tried it on Bitwig with Iconnectivity iConnectAUDIO4+ the other day, and it didn’t work, though I didn’t spend that much time to try to get it to work.

channelite 23rd April 2019 10:57 PM

So I did a test, and sent a wood cluck sample via Bitwig’s Drum Machine. Made an eight 1/8 note one bar loop coming out of output 3 of the Iconnectivity iConnectAUDIO4+ and I was able to send clock to the Baby 8. I had to adjust the drum machine volume to get a stable clock. I used a stereo TRS 1/4 to 1/8 cable to connect to the Baby 8.

I don’t have a eurorack setup yet. The Baby 8 sequences the Rakit Drum Synth and my modded Korg Monotron Duo.