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Earwormer 26th April 2018 05:16 PM

Noise when playback is stopped
I notice when I have a few tracks with some eq and compression going and when playback is stopped I can hear a lot of noise like tape hiss. Is this normal for mixbus? Is it supposed to model the real consoles noise or something? It will slowly disappear as I mute tracks.

BenLoftis 29th April 2018 01:32 PM

@ Earwormer :

My guess is that you have "Transport -> Auto Input" engaged: so when you stop the transport, all the tracks switch to input-monitoring. If there are audio inputs connected to each track, then the noise could get pretty loud. You can learn more about the various monitoring modes in our manual: Monitoring - Mixbus v4 - 1

Mixbus applies a very quiet noise for dithering ... somewhere around -100dB ( it will increase with more tracks, just like an analog console ). The dither is a technical necessity for the internal processing; and the only way to hear it is to turn your speakers -way- up.

I hope this answers your question!

-Ben at Harrison

Earwormer 29th April 2018 08:57 PM

Ok thanks Ben, I’ll check to see how I have the input monitoring setup.

sarahjones 28th July 2018 09:38 PM

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