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Snuppeluppen 31st January 2018 10:23 PM

Kawai & Onkyo K5000s
POWERFUL POWERFUL POWERFUL. The Kawai K5000 branch of synths are known for their Outlandishly powerful take on additive synthesis, there are Three variants, the Kawai K5000 W which is the workastation variant, the S Version which is a pure synthesizer With better hand on controlls/knobs, and the R Version and is based on the S Version.

I would describe the overall sound caracter as crisp and organic, but not analog.
It excells at dreamy and evolving soundscapes and pads, but its overall decent at doing most pure synth sound types. You can get it to produce metallic, "stardusty", "crystally", "glassy" and "wooden sounds". This is overall a great sounding synth!!

:Digital Additive Synthesis plus PCM samples.Harmonics: 64 per Source (6 Sources/oscillators which is 384 in total. Enveloping down to each Harmonic (that should put the Power of this thing into perspective) and 5 "over-Envelopes" that can modulate PCMs and Addetive waveforms.

It also has a powerful 128 band formant, which can be used as a Parametric EQ or several other congurations. The Formant Filter is completely controllable by envelopes or LFOs.
It has 32 voice polyphony and is known for its powerful programmable arpeggiator.
The K5000S contains an advanced digital effects processor which allows four individual effects of chorus, delay, distortion, etc., in addition to reverb and a graphic equalizer.

This synth has great real time controls and programability but has also a sublime Keybed.

Overall, this is one of my top 5 Favorite synths of all time. :synth:kfhkh