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johnnyv 24th January 2018 09:03 PM

TC-Helicon Play Acoustic
Just a quick review which I will add to later after a few test drives. Had it for a couple of months. I play a a solo act and also in an Acoustic duo. I've bought and returned a few Harmonizer over time. This one caught my interest because it seeded it would solve a few other problems I had as well.

First I use Folk sized guitars which are so, so plugged in.
Second for the duo my little Yamaha mixer is short one channel.
Third I was looking for a way to set up my in ear monitors.
Fourth I wanted better effects for my vox.

So this little box solved these problems;

the Body Rez feature is amazing. This is also available as a stomp box for around $100. Not to mention the other effects are not bad and allow me to leave my pedal board at home. And the guitar tuner is top notch. The price is almost worth it just to process my guitar. The down side is the effects are global and can only be changed with the menu, so not easily done between songs.

Because it has a few ways you can use the outputs I can set it to Mono and it becomes a sub mixer for my vox and guitar. All you need is this thing and a Powered speaker to gig.

It also has an Aux input that will play your backing tracks and can be mixed in the headphone output. So this solved my in ear issue.
Then the vocal effects which gives you song by song patches for both the harmony and effects. Of note is the effext are shut off when you press and hold the hit button which turns on the guitar tuner. So you can chat with the audience with out reverb.
There is software that I loaded up and haven't played with other than re naming a few custom patches. I get to that later

Overall I'm super happy and have used it without issue at a few gigs. My son has the footswicth 3 for it I will try so I cn set the device on my side table and still have the footswich control which is critical as you'll find yourself turning the harmony on and off a lot.