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bbob 2nd January 2018 05:19 AM

Recommendations on a place convert LP to digital

I have an LP I made years ago that I would like to convert to digital. I would eventually like to make it into a CD. The master tapes are no longer around. I'd appreciate some recommendations for a USA service that give solid quality for a good price. I hope this is the right section of the forum? Thanks.

Deleted User 2nd January 2018 07:32 AM

Have a look through the ARSC Directory

bbob 5th January 2018 08:16 AM

OK. Thanks. I was hoping for some people to give some recommendations based on personal experience.

Deleted User 5th January 2018 06:27 PM

My impression (based on the raison d’être of this sub-forum) is that most posters are service providers sharing knowledge, rather than necessarily being in a position to require such service providers.

bbob 13th January 2018 06:34 AM

Actually I wasn't sure which section of the forum my question should go in. Is there a better place for it?

Deleted User 13th January 2018 07:14 PM

Part of the problem is that this is a sub-forum to the Mastering forum, which seems to attract much less traffic and therefore generates less viewership than the other main sections.

Sections such as “So Much Gear, So Little Time” appear to have higher visibility than the “Mastering” and “Transfers, Restoration, Archives” sections.