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IzzyRock 14th December 2017 02:33 AM

Stam Audio SA-76
I’ve tried this compressor today at my studio on acoustics and vocals and my first impression was it cut through the mix without any effort.

The transients are very clear and in your face sounding, especially on acoustic guitars, much more defined that it’s digital counterpart by Slate Digital.

Vocals sounded smooth and controlled, with that pleasing mid range vintage 1176s are famous for.

Also, construction is rock solid and I loved the knobs with the stepped pots.

I absolutely recommend this compressor. With its price tag it’s a no brainer.

[email protected] 15th March 2018 09:43 PM

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Ok... i was going to wait until next week when i'd have used my new SA76 more to post about it... but actually i just wanted to post how great it sounds!

After recording one artist through it today, with and without the SA76 ,on her voice, the SA76 is very CLASSY sounding indeed ....I love this compressor - and worth the wait. Its just what i hoped it would be.

It has the 1176 compression thing going on for sure , clamping down this raw female vocal today in a really musical way, and the overalll sound is warm & smooth but still with the air....or sheen that 1176's are known for but the whole unit isn't as bright as the Rev D versions. And it adds that mid bump in the sound too, which we all know is like the original Blue stripe. (It also doesn't have the hiss i heard on the other Blue stripes.)

But to be clear, I don't have a real vintage 1176 blue stripe to compare it too here. But after hearing two vintage Blue Stripes at other studios over the years, i always wanted that 'sound' that they do. I am really chuffed to now have in my pallet of tone shapers / compressors , this Blue 1176 sound now here in my studio!

Also the build quality is sturdy and well made - looks great too!

So yes a wonderfully made box i'm really pleased.


Nu-tra 1st April 2018 04:13 AM

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Over the years I’ve used many different 1176 compressors. From Rev A to D. I finally received a pair of Stam SA-76 and they sound wonderful. It has the color that is associated with the Rev A without the noise. I also feel that sound passing through it makes everything sound warm/ hairy and 3D in comparison to other Rev A and D’s I’ve used. It’s perfect for Rocknroll!!! The stepped pots are a nice touch! I wish there was a stereo link option but it’s not a big deal. I am very pleased!

Newk84 15th April 2018 07:47 PM

The SA-76 is the real deal! I've compared it to every UA 1176 plugin I own and it wins every time on every source. It has that mid forward aggressive sound that the Rev A is known and loved for. The knobs are solid and sturdy and feels like it will last forever. I especially love that input and output knobs are stepped for easy recall.

At this price point, the SA76 is a no brainer if you're in the market for an 1176.

sryanlangley 21st September 2018 08:20 PM

Just wanted to put my 2 cents in on the SA-76 compressors by Stam Audio. I received them a few months ago & have been using them on everything. Holly ****! These things totally kick ass! I originally had 2 of the Universal Audio 6176’s (mic pre, Eq, & 1176 compressor) & used them over the years on everything, & never liked the mic pre, the Eq was okay, & the 1176’s in comparison to the Stam’s were very thin sounding.

The Stam’s sound silky, forward, & can get very aggressive (which I like). Totally smooth on vocals, can really rein in a bass, & smash the **** out of a drum kit! I originally asked Josh if they did the (all in) function & he told me no, but it does that just fine for that bombastic crush sound. Killer!

I put money down on a pair of ADG’s but decided the pair of SA-76’s I already have are more than satisfying. Needless to say I asked Josh for a refund & had the money back in my paypal account within 15 minutes of my request, no joke! That’s how you keep your customers happy.

I guess my only complaint with Stam Audio is that Josh keeps designing amazing gear that I have a hell of a hard time resisting!