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beaustep 8th December 2017 07:42 PM

Mojave Audio MA-1000
This mic produces some of the most clear and pleasing vocals I've ever heard, let alone recorded myself. You can scream or whisper in it from pretty much any distance, and it captures everything very smoothly, with just the right kind of warmth on the low end, silk in the high end, and presence in the mids.

I ended up getting this microphone instead of one of the many ELAM 251 mics on the market for a variety of reasons which I will list here:

1. Built with modern parts. It's a bit more future proof knowing I can get new tubes and transformers, if/when I need to, and my sound won't drastically change.

2. With all of the high-end character and vibe of the classic German mics we all love, it also has this incredible presence boost that makes it more like the 251 and C800G had a baby. The boost, however, is still silky and handles sibilance like a champ.

3. Variable polar pattern. This knob, depending on the space I am singing or playing in, has become like a room side-chain where I can dial in the character of the room to just the right amount, which is especially helpful on close miced singers. If you find yourself in a neutral space, the knob is like an EQ. I've been experimenting a ton and having a blast with what I'm finding.

There are a lot of cool things about this little dude. No buyers remorse here!

Bushman 8th December 2017 08:13 PM

The “4” in “Ease of use” is because it is a tube mic. It thus has a special cable and a power supply, and needs to warm up, so it is not plug-and-play.
But once it is plugged, powered and warmed up, it is a contender for the best possible mic on many voices. It also has a great shock mount with a unique design.
One caveat; don’t be shy about using the pad. I have had one session wasted because a powerful male voice drove the unpadded M-1000 into a bit of distortion.