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schuerman 15th November 2017 10:45 PM

Meters and Clocks

Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. It is so super helpful and insightful.

My two sets of questions are:

1. Do you use any specific plugin or hardware metering (other than your console) to deliver your songs at any certain loudness scale for particular genres? Do you use any RMS targets for any particular genres? Additionally, do you pre-master refs when you send out your initial mixes to your clients?

2. Do you use any special clocking with your BURL/AD/DA gear? (hot button topic I know)


vancalot 18th November 2017 03:30 PM

I work in a very "analog" way, ie I mix where the meters average 0 dbu. I say between the 3's.. (-3 to +3vu)
That said I use an L2 (or PSP Vintagewarmer) very lightly (-7, .01) to elevate mixes for artists/labels as refs. But I print "Heated"(L2) and normal (Masters) simultaneously. But no other changes for a genre..