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Zzzyxa 14th November 2017 09:18 PM

Guitar pedals in the mix
Hi Vance, you are known for using guitar pedals while mixing, be it distortion or delays etc.. What is your thoughtprocess for impedance matching? How do you send and return those fx, line lvl or instrument lvl? Do you use reamp boxes for that purpose? Thanks a lot for the QnA.

vancalot 16th November 2017 06:10 PM

I use three things, 2 Radial XTC's in a two space API rack(for pedals), A TK Audio Tranceiver (a 4 in 4 out 1 space rack, really nice for pedals and my 2 Fulltone SSE's) and a Little Lab's PCP driving my 2 Fulltone TTE's and my DM100.. which returns thru a complicated arrangement of ART Tube MP's and Drawmer Gates and Ampex Meters.
I have a 1/4" patch bay above the Transceiver so I can patch all my weird stuff (Sansui Reverb, Univox Leslie Sim, Hawk Spring and Open Reel tape delay..etc..)
Ton's of fun!

REGGAE 17th November 2017 04:52 AM

Out of the Radial XTC and TK Transceiver, which do you prefer and why?

vancalot 17th November 2017 08:47 PM

The TK has a lot going for it, as does the Radial.. the big diff is that one is a 500 slot piece with a blend knob.. and single input/output.. while the Transceiver has no blend and it's 4 I/O in one box.
I'll leave it at that, but I use both all the time.. for different jobs, sorta..