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laperlestudio 10th November 2017 04:29 PM

Producing and mixing inspiration.
Hi Vance, like everybody else here, I'm a huge fan of your work.

You do have a very bold style of recording and mixing, always ballsy and without fear. Like the artist you work with.

I was wondering what is your balance between being inspired by the band to do something great and unique and how much you inspire the band to go all the way with your knowledge.

Is there any music productions that get you inspire to try new stuff and reach new goals, or does that come mainly from the artist and producer your work with.

Thanks again, really appreciated bumpkin

vancalot 15th November 2017 12:18 AM

Well, in a perfect world we inspire each other.. artist and engineer.. But sometimes some thing will move me in some way, and I'll try and remember it later.. maybe it's reverb, or a killer drum fill.. or a.. insert thing here...

I'm not someone that listens to a lot of current music, but I have been inspired recently by a couple artists and the production of their records.
Lianna LaHavas "Blood"
And the new LCD Soundsystem "American Dream"
I love the sound of both of these records.. The songs and performance are of course amazing..
Check out the track on the Lianna record "Never Be Enough" I love the hard left turn.. Also, "Tokyo" is my check out the speakers jam..
And the kick ass Talking Heads-ish "change yr mind" on American Dream..
fcuk yea..