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EBMusic 10th November 2017 01:32 AM

Listen Music without Technique
Are you still able to listen music and just enjoy it, anytime or are you always thinking like "why do they record the drum like this ?"

vancalot 11th November 2017 05:10 PM

Good question. Yes, and no. I've become very selective about what NEW Music I listen to. I never read mags or whatnot to find what I should be listening to, but I hear things from my friends and peers about so and so and then I'll listen.
I never check other peoples work. Ever. I try and just enjoy the music as it is without criticism.
Notice I said try? Sometimes it's hard to do that. That said,I never reference other peoples work while mixing.. thats a hole I am not wanting to go down... even if the client wants me to do it, I defer as long as I can.

After work, I listen to NPR. Weekends I've got a couple favorite streams we will put on in the house (Sonos) and if something comes up that catches my ear I'll look it up.

I love the new LCD Soundsystem record. BTW.