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bwb011 9th November 2017 04:52 AM

Drum Phase
Hi Vance,

Do you have any suggestions for getting kick, snare, overhead all in phase with one another? I can usually get kick and overhead, or kick and snare, but I find getting the three to play nicely much more tricky.


vancalot 11th November 2017 05:21 PM

Phase buttons and mic placement are the key. Drums will never, ever, be in perfect phase (and don't ever use something to do that.. bad idea) because they are so far apart. But that's what makes a great Drum sound, the space between them.

What's the loudest drum in the arrangement? Is it the Kick? Ok, try and get everything to be as close to in phase with that.. It's normally the snare, so I try and get things to make sense with the snare more often that not..

Overheads(OHDS) almost always out of phase. Floor and Rack, sometimes. Sometimes the kick is better flipped to be in phase with the bottom snare which make the OHDS out of phase sometimes.. just start small, KICK/SNARE/OHDS and make that sound good, then the toms and then the room mics. I start my drum sounds with the OHDS.. Then Kick, Then Snare..

Shameless self-promotion here but in my Puremix Tutorial I go over this in real time.. They actually made me sound smart.. (I still look a bit the dufus..)