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Seemann 7th November 2017 09:52 PM

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Bought the DR-44WL for a recital gig where I wanted the mic near the performer and the instrument instead of running a cable or using a shotgun mic from a distance that was too far.

The low-noise floor and clean audio characteristics were of special importance but needed XLR inputs. The fact it was Wi-Fi capable at this point was not important; however, in my next gig which was an outdoor wedding with over 150 guests the Wi-Fi feature turned out to be a life saver!

Set the recorder with the mic up near the bride & groom to record their vows and it worked perfectly. With the recorder controlled from the iPhone via the Tascam DR CONTROL app it was really fantastic. This was a Multicam shoot so the recorder could be started and stopped whenever the cam was rolling and the dB volume adjusted remotely. Really, really great! This was my first use of the Wi-Fi feature and looking now for another multi-channel recorder with Wi-Fi capability to complement it.

Four tracks provide two stereo safety tracks but fortunately didn't have to use them.

The DR CONTROL app has been updated since the wedding gig so Tascam keeps improving it.

The "4" ease of use is because I'm still figuring things out. There are a lot of features and capabilities on this so maybe it should be a "5"?