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mr jkn 7th November 2017 11:37 AM

Recording whole band and mixing soundstage?
Thank you for participating!
I was greatly inspired by your UA session and loved to hear you speak in the clip about mic leakage as a natural thing in band recordings. I´m an avid proponent of recording everyone together if the project and room allows for it. Therefore I have a couple of questions on how you approach mixing when recording that way.

Do you imagine the soundstage, i.e. panning, of the mix prior to placing the musicians in the room - for e.g. drums center, main guitar left, and so on?

What do you are the main challenges, engineering wise, setting up the recording this way (amp levels, room sound, vox monitoring, and so on)?

vancalot 10th November 2017 04:26 PM

I'm an old FOH guy, so I always see the band as if they are on stage.. Never drummer's perspective, guitar hard left and hard right, if there is a piano and a b3 one more to the left one more to the right.. etc..I'm kinda a L/C/R guy 99% of the time.

I steal the Glynn Johns setup where I put everyone in a line with the kick drum, and then we just tweak amp levels so that the room feels right, a good amount of music in with the drums...
Vocal monitoring is the tricky one, I've put a small powered speaker in front of the singer to just get a little back in their face.. I've used floor monitors (usually they are too loud.. inverse square law and stuff..) but I'm not a big fan of that.. and I've put the singer in the CR with me.
And sometime everyone uses headphone and well, normal day at the office.

mr jkn 10th November 2017 07:31 PM

Thank you for answering! Drummers perspective always seem odd to me too. I’ve never dared to go the LCR route when mixing, but will try for sure. One thing I find cool is to place bass player opposing kick drum, the bass amp sound will then hit the stereo overheads at dead center.