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GregP 10th April 2007 02:59 AM

Development via team

I know that you have experience working both alone and with large groups. It's also no secret that you're one of the fastest programmers out there.

Have you considered adding more people to the team? It could be argued that more cooks in the kitchen would slow things up; however, having been around an "agile" development environment, I've also seen that certain development methodologies can scale to a small group with the only 'slow-down' being making sure that tasks are storied and ticketed... which ends up NOT being a slow-down even in the short-term and ultimately results in a more stable code base.

But I'm sure you know more about different methodologies than me-- so would you consider expanding your dev team now that Reaper is profitable? Surely there is code that once "storied", you'd not mind handing off to a trusted team member?


Justin Frankel 10th April 2007 04:08 PM

I have no fundamental problem with expanding our team (modestly, probably to 4 of 5 max), provided we find someone who is a perfect fit.. which is difficult ;)

now if only we could clone ourselves...