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Rufrag 3rd November 2017 09:39 PM

Stam Audio SA-67
Yes, it`s true.

A couple of years ago Stam Audio had a poll on their facebook site whether they should make the SA-87 or the SA-67. Obviously the SA-87 «won» and is now a part of Stam Audios product line. I do not give up that easy, and finally I recieved my own SA-67 from Stam Audio.

Stam Audio was clear all the way that it was gonna take time, and they offered me my money back or other products if I did not want to wait, but that was never an option for me! And, MAN, am I happy for that..

First of all, the microphone is beautiful and really solid built, but the most important part; it sounds AMAZING!!! I do not have an original Neumann U67 to compare with, but Stam Audio provided me with sound clips comparing the Neumann U67 with the SA-67, and it was as close as you can come. Just to say that right away, I will not share those clips as I consider them a part of a private conversation, so if you want to hear them you`ll have to ask Stam Audio.

I do not know if they will make any more of this microphone (SA-67), but I REALLY hope they do so more people can experience how great it is!

The tone of this mic is really warm, and still it has enough energy in the top so it sounds crystal clear. Great balance! This microphone really catches and highlights the details of the source. So far it has been superb on anything I`ve thrown at it! There's nothing more inspiring than working with quality equipment like this!

I can`t say enough how good this thing sounds. I`m planning on making some clips for you to hear this weekend. I will record male vocals, acoustic guitar, and soon hopefully female vocals. I will post these clips, probably on my Soundcloud, and provide you with the link when it`s ready.

This summer I became a student, and being a student and having children doesn`t leave much time so please be patient if I don`t get it done right away… Being a student doesn`t leave much money either, so this will be my last investment for a while. Hopefully one day I`ll get my hands on the SA-47 or/and the SA-87 too!

Facebook video:

Soundcloud clips:

Martin 000C-16RGTE (acoustic guitar) recorded with the SA-67 from Stam Audio.

For this recording I used the cardioid polar pattern, and the microphone was pointed between the soundhole and the top of the fretboard.

For this recording I used the cardioid polar pattern, and the microphone was pointed between the soundhole and the top of the fretboard. For this clip I added some EQ and reverb

For this recording I used the cardioid polar pattern, and the microphone was pointed towards the 12th fret of the guitar.

For this recording I used the cardioid polar pattern, and the microphone was pointed towards the 12th fret of the guitar. For this clip I added some EQ and reverb

Male vocals (unprocessed)

Male vocals (in the mix)

Heiserman HK67 capsule, AMI BV12 Transformer, Polystyrene and Vishay capacitors and Electro Harmonix EF86 tube

curlygates 10th October 2018 12:18 AM

Got the sa67 awhile back. very nice mic! Very nice heavy mic. Great quality verses price as I preordered. Took some time to get but with all they have going on trying to build stam and keep up with demand it has to be a nightmare for them. These are delicate tube mics and I was worried for Joshua taking on this project but I am glad he did as I am very satisfied with my mic and Joshua has been nothing but great as far as trying to make sure I am satisfied. Anyhow it seems most if not all the Stam stuff exceeds expectations from what I can tell. Get one they are great I plan on a second very soon. Cade

[email protected] 3rd April 2019 08:56 AM

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I am very happy with my new Stam 67. It arrived last week.
I've had two neumanns here in the past and always wanted that 67 sound and finally have it !

I had heard the A/B's online with the current re-issue and a vintage one and the differences were slight and i wouldn't be able to pick any of them out from each other. And then, the Stam 67 is thousands of pounds cheaper than the new Neumann re-issue.

I've owned a few clones here (of C12's , 47's etc... ) but this is far far the best clone in sound quality and build that i have had here. Many of the other clones have this thin sound which disappoints when you plug it in.

Its built well. And the PSU looks professional
And i have a number of other great expensive mic's here. Including a real C12, a Brauner and others and this Stam 67 stacks up well with those big guns.

Its sounds Really great !!!! To use a word... it sounds warm...
And its got that mid presence that all newman's have. And i've used many 67's in other studios and it sounds very much like they did. And i could be wrong , but i think it has that slight harmonic distortion that vintage ones i've used have... (maybe its the older tube in my Stam or something in the other components)... all in all a delicious sound!

I used it on a number of singers already, making them sing into different mic's each time and I am super pleased with this mic!!!

I have their Blue Stripe compressor as well which is constantly used on vocals for its creamy but clear sound !

Great stuff Stam !

gtrpaul 8th July 2019 02:33 PM

Hey Folks: A brief review of my Stam 67. After a long wait and a pretty torturous
communication back and forth I finally received my Stam 67. It was worth the wait. The Mic is, as advertised, a clone to be reckoned with in the clone wars that engage the gearslutz universe. The build quality is top-notch. Materials are high end. Internals impeccable. The mic performs as advertised and since my eyesight is not what it used to be, from a short distance, the logo even satisfies. Neumann? nein. Stam? Si. Now, I don't have a Neumann 7k reissue or an original to compare it to but I have a pretty decent mic locker, Manley Gold and Ref, Akg 414XLII, Mojave 201, etc...This mic is exactly what I'd hoped for sonically. Weighty, Warm, Clear, Present, nails the 67 thing. Great High end without annoying overly crisp artifacts. Great bang for the buck. I'm going to buy another. Highly recommended.

shakermaker3 29th April 2020 11:41 PM

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I received a pair of 67s on Monday and have had a couple days to put them through some tracking. I am a big supporter of Stam having already purchased a SA670, two SA1073EQ, two SAEQP1A, SA800, SA87, SA47fet (all which I need to do reviews on) and more than a dozen deposits down for more.

Each piece I get from them I have to pick my jaw up from the floor but the 67s are in a class all of their own. I have never found a microphone that suits my voice so well. Unfortunately I don't have access to a real 67 to compare (if anyone in toronto area has one let me know post pandemic shoutout?! lol) but I know Josh and the Stam team spent hours trying to get this thing right. And it shows ... Due to the pandemic I'm not doin much full band tracking but I cannot wait to try these on over heads or guitar amps... anything. But acoustic and voice they just sail with that smoothness and mid range. The build quality is top notch and they come with updated power supplies with a high quality handle. The mic has a sound I've been searching for a long long time. I cannot wait to try these thro diff pre amps and outboard chains, diff instruments. but I have a feeling these will be my go to mics for long time to come. Incredible work Josh and the team at stam! Incredibly impressed

mikesc 3rd June 2020 10:07 AM

Stam Audio SA-67

A year ago, I had the chance to sing through a number of high end mic's and record the audio clips to keep in order to compare to my mics at home and reference later as needed. One of the mic's I was most interested in that day was the Neumann 67 reissue and while I did find it to be a quality mic that excelled at mid and top detail, I found it to be missing the fuller body and bottom end I was expecting while trying it on my voice with the stock tube. Fast forward to a year later, after receiving my Stam Audio SA67 mic (I had ordered with a NOS Telefunken tube), I began to put it through it's paces, and was immediately impressed to hear what sounded like a full body 67 mic to me.

After getting to know it for a bit, I pulled up my past 67 Reissue clips from the previous year in PT and I tracked the same vocal lines through my new SA67 in order to compare them. While I found the two mic's to be on the same sonic level in general, I personally preferred the SA67 audio clips over the reissue ones finding the reissue to be a little thinner sounding compared to the full bodied vintage 67 sound I was hearing from the Stam Audio 67. This makes sense to me knowing that Stam Audio states on their website "The Tim Campbell K67 capsule in the SA67 (mk2) is based on a 1960’s vintage set of original back plates which offers a much greater vintage tone than alternative offerings."

My understanding is Joshua Stam tuned this MK2 version of the SA67 to match his best sounding Vintage 67 of the several he had and it sounds to me like he has done it when I use this SA67. The SA67 takes EQ beautifully, is not sibilant with a smooth top end and the mid range you'd expect from a good 67. The unit comes with a quality AMI BV12 output transformer, cable, shock mount and flight case.

I can honestly say I'm not surprised the SA67 compares favorably with a mic costing 3-4 times more because I've heard Stam Audio do it before owning a pair of Stam Audio 1073EQ's that I think are sonically completely on par with BAE units costing 3 times more. Five Stars easy for the SA67, the wait was worth it!

Kcatthedog 16th November 2020 12:30 AM

My sa 67 mkii showed up recently, everything arrived safe and sound. I powered it up, no problems and just left it on for a few hours.

I was immediately impressed with its feel and finish and build quality: very nice, clean work!

I have been mostly using a wa251, so the sa 67, seemed brighter than I was expecting, of course, that is relative!:)

When recording with it, I have really appreciated the very controllable proximity effect: how you can easily move from airy to more present and full, without out it getting tubby.

Very pleased, so far, using it on acoustics and vocals!