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colonelporridge 11th October 2017 04:08 PM

Hong Kong Electro Trash Hunt
Hi Danny,

I enjoyed Reading a story in your Zine Order of The Shadow Wolf about a friend hunting for gear in a Hong Kong electronics junk market. I always hope for finds like these but it rarely happens, other than finding 9volt power supplies in second hand shops (Thats a tip for everyone :)). I wanted to know what your best junk gear finds are and where and how you got them? Mine are a second hand phaser pedal i found in a strange music store in Bulgaria (Im pretty sure the guy just ordered from thomann for people),and a Cassete Tape Titled halloween noises.

Thanks yingyang

Legowelt 12th October 2017 10:21 AM

Hello colonelporridge

I like to check the local thrift store now and then (I like to go "Thrifting"), I mostly find crappy keyboards last one was A Yamaha PS20 for 20 euros which is a pretty cool minimal wave style home keyboard from the late 70s with an arpeggiator and analog drums

Ofcourse many many cassette decks, especially if they have pitch control they go to my cassettedeck sanctuary to recuperate.

Many years ago I found an Oberheim Matrix 1000 for 100 euros at an obscure music thrift store in The Hague.

My friend Baz Reznik found a Roland D10 and some Yamaha FM slider PSS synth at the Scheveningen thriftstore for 30 euros or something not so long ago :synth:

The best thing I ever found at my local thriftstore is my late 19th century Kimball Harmonium Parlor organ in perfect working order for 70 euros :) You can hear it in action on this album

Here is a pic Isn't she a beauty!

Feel like going thrifting today i got a hinch that I will find something interesting :)

Mr Greenfield 14th October 2017 09:41 AM

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The organ also decorates the albums front cover!