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vivisected 10th October 2017 04:11 PM

Kawai K4r
Hi Danny!
What kind of k4 secrets do you have? What do you use it for the most? Any specific neat tips or tricks? I've got a K4r and like it alot for motion-y aftertouch-y string/pad thangs.
On a side note... I miss my D110. Do you think its more comfortable to program a d110 or a d10?
One more quick question. Have you tried the Novation Ultranova? Its a very under recognized synth and i wanted to get your take on it.
Thanks so much for the awesome music!

Legowelt 11th October 2017 09:19 AM

I have never used an Ultranova, I do have 2 normal Nova's and a Supernova and use those a lot.

I am huge fan of the Kawai K4...I used it extensively on my Smackos - A Vampire Goes West album from earlier this year...there you can hear all the Kawai secrets ;) it has this really fresh digital trammeled sound with lots of weird artefacts. Especially its filter is very "exotic" with a life of its own sometimes...I think it was originally a design fault that they changed in the later versions of the Kawai K4 or did I dream that?

vivisected 11th October 2017 01:26 PM

Thanks for the reply, I hope I have one of the older K4s then! A Vampire Goes West is great (the glowing ascii art is the icing on the cake), and now I'm gonna listen to it again extra close to try to pick out the k4 sound and flavor. I'm always happy when I hear a synth that I know well in someones music, gives me that weird "we drive the same car!" feeling of kinsmanship.

vivisected 11th October 2017 05:02 PM

Just got the AVGW album zip file, haven't seen that cipher code for a long time! Sir Wolfers, you have officially made my day !kfhkh

bitleyTM 14th October 2017 07:34 AM

They tried to improve it because of issues with clicking attack. Hold the System button while powering up to check which version you have. I have a spare 1.4 ROM which is the best version afaik.

< answering for the guest is not allowed :cop: but I'll make an exception here ;) >