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CSM 5th October 2017 02:06 PM

Use of Effects

Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge. I have learned so much from watching/reading interviews with you and visiting your webpage. Really appreciate your approach to making music and your generosity!

To me, your use of effects and processing contributes as much to your music as your choice of synthesizers, but this side of things is discussed less often than the synths.

You mentioned the Smackos tape saturation, WEM Copicat, and Tascam 414. What are some of your other favorite effects? Any unusual processing tips/concepts you can share?

Legowelt 6th October 2017 09:51 AM

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Heyo CSM yeah effects have always been very important I’ve had zillion of FX racks, boxes, pedals etc.

Some stuff I use currently:
Zoom 1201, Moog MF104 Analog Delay, Moog Lowpass Filter, Color Sound Wah Wah pedal, Alesis Quadraverb, Roland DEP-5, Evans ECHOPET, Boss CS compressor sustainer, Nomad Echoes, Soundtoys Echoboy, Filterfreak etc. Audiothing Outerspace…compressor, phaser,flanger vibrato, EQ pedals (Electro Harmonix, Boss, MXR etc.), a lot of selfmade FX racks in Ableton etc.

Roland SRV330 Dimensional Space Reverb - The name makes it sound like a dimensional time portal of esoteric properties, but its a pretty cool reverb very 90s ambient…2 things Roland always had going pretty darn good were their sampler and digital reverbs sound characters, I guess they used the same DA converters and secret sauce?

Roland SDE2500, Boss DE200: These are sort of the same, the Boss being a budget version of the 2500, they both have this looper button which loops part of the delay signal. A very short loop…1 second?Sort of an extremely rudimentary sampler, there is a button called 2x that plays the loop at half speed, its really nice for creating atmospheric pads with weird artefacts.

hmmm any unusual concepts…lemme think

I let my auxiliary effects signal come back to a actual mixer channel with mid sweep EQ etc. so I can ‘filtersweep’ and have more control on whatever fx is coming back…this might be really obvious but I see a lot of people using the standard auxiliary return channels/input which a lot of times don’t have EQ.

Always keep turning the time and feedback knobs on delays for more animated depth

In software put a parametric EQ or filter before or after a delay (I guess before makes more sense…but there are no rules ;) ) and sweep the mid frequency so the delay signal becomes more ‘alive’…
Delay/echo is the most important effect I think, it makes sound become ‘multidimensional’…very much my foundation in effects use comes from listening to dub reggae records imo one of the understructures of techno/electronic music/whatever its called.

They way these dub producers would alter the sound live and see the mixing desk as an instrument is very inspiring and important I think.