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Malkit 27th September 2017 06:02 PM

Mixing your own work
Really nice to have you on the forum, Danny.

I've followed a few of your interviews and had a question- do you generally mix the albums yourself? If so, I'd like to hear about what the process looks like for you (ie. do you ever get stuck, how do you know when it's "finished", etc.).

I really enjoyed Crystal Cult and Dark Days. They both evoked feelings and images of a dimension of the mind that I find difficult to articulate, but a very emotional one.

Thanks for the spiritual journey.

Legowelt 29th September 2017 12:41 PM

Hello Malkit. Dark days was mixed down on 2 Philips hifi speakers I found on the street in the 90s.

Crystal Cult with my current mixing setup with consists of a Presonus monitor station with a lof of different monitors, my main one are Klein & hummel Neumann K120’s, then I got Yamaha HS5’s, ****ty PC speakers and normal hifi speakers. I kind of switch between those to check how everything sounds. I just put that stuff in my living room and mix it down on the couch.

Crystal Cult was mixed down completely in the box in Ableton…Dark Days mostly on a Spirit Folio mixer without any compressors (Didn’t have any then)

Ofcourse like everyone else I get stuck sometimes, a good thing is to just take everything from a completely different angle, start over or change some sounds that don't work (like a bas drum for example)

Hope that is a satisfying answer!

Malkit 2nd October 2017 10:16 PM

Very satisfying! :synth:

I actually have the same monitoring chain that you have, with the exception of the hifis. I used auratones, instead.

One more point to add- I appreciate your multi-faceted approach to making art- writing reviews, putting out zines, designing Ableton tools, creating a movement...reminds me of what we're trying to do here, in Boston!

Looking forward to your show in NYC this November.

traktop 14th October 2017 07:41 AM

Both "Dark Days" records are among my all time favourites.