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10gamberi 30th August 2017 03:32 PM

Dialogue level

I read some posts in the post-production section and, as suggested, I calibrated the sound system using pink noise at -20 dB FS to obtain 78/79 SPL dBs on each speaker.

now, at what level should be the dialogue set to? from what I read, that should be around -27 dBs and then all of the other elements (FXs, background, foley, music etc.) should be mixed according to that level. is that correct?

background noise from the recording is pretty evident at that point. I'm wondering if that's because it hasn't been well recorded or because I'm setting the dialogue at the wrong level.


georgia 6th September 2017 01:23 AM

on a digital meter with 0 being peak, ... in a film mix typical speaking level should be around -12, whisper around -24 yell -2... these are NOT hard and fast but it'll get you in the pocket.