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s9dd 22nd August 2017 10:15 AM

AKAI DD1500 DR16 Core Protocol
I am looking at some pages from an evidently incomplete document called:

Appendix A : DD1500/DR8/DR16 'Core' Protocol
Dated: 12 May 1996.
v1.91C for DR8/16
v2.00 for DD1500

I have clearly lost some pages in the intervening 21 years and I cannot seem to find the remainder of the document in my archives for love nor money. It's obviously been broken into 30page chunks (a staple's worth) and they've got separated.

Sorry to ask, but does anyone here have a PDF of the whole document? (The protocol.h file itself would also do.)
If so, PM me please.


s9dd 22nd August 2017 05:11 PM

Thank you, I have all I need for now.

Interesting, that there does not seem to be a unified internet resource for this legacy information.

Akai assisted with what they have on file, but it's user-focused, rather than dev resources, or what must have been an SDK once upon a time. There are a lot of files there though! Must shout out to Frank (InMusic/Akai) for trying very hard to help.

Consider the thread open - if anyone does have dev resource or SDK information, please send it on.

jameshw 26th May 2020 05:32 PM

Hi, I have been interested in a small software/hardware thing to convert akainet protocol commands in to useable midi commands for a long time, but lack of knowledge/time/intelligence etc has stopped me progressing much. I have a variety of akai control surfaces (DL1500 era) that I would love to repurpose as I hate the waste of all that previous effort by akai engineers.
A few years ago I got as far as installing bnc network cards in a pc and using a port sniffer to get a lot of information on what the control buttons do output, but never had the knowledge to write any software to capture it and convert it to something useful to the modern world.
What were you hoping to achieve, and did you get anywhere?
Thanks James