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IzzyRock 15th August 2017 09:45 PM

Stam Audio SA4000+
Last week I had the chance to test the SA400+ at my studio. I have own the SA4000 for almost 2 years and was quite interested in hearing what differences it could bring to the table. The mod which is quite popular in other units adds 2 Carnhill output transformers to the signal chain with a class AB output buffer.

I passed some drums through the unit with the mod engaged and all though it was subtle it was obvious what it did to the mix (in a good way), it added deepness, sub harmonics and low end, this is probably all coming from the transformers which is like the low end you can find on the 1073 units and these frequencies are hard to emulate with EQ. I also tested the mod with a full pop mix and the results were the same as with Drums, I really appreciate what it brings to the table and although I was already happy with the standard SA4000 I would certainly choose to have both options, is not only nice to have at the ease of a toggle switch but it also gets me closer to the final mix.

I think I will leave the switch on all the time for future mixes.

Limit54 2nd December 2017 04:24 AM

Jesus Christ it's that damn good. I wish it had a frequency knob for sidechain filter but that's about it. I tried it against my favourite plugin The Glue and this thing beats it like 10-1, which I personally didn't want it to. I was expecting no big deal maybe a little better but holy ******* s hit its incredible.

jordanvoth 13th March 2018 05:22 AM

Have to give it a perfect score. Sounds exactly like what you'd expect, easy to use and priced very well. I have two of them. If you're using the plugin version of this all the time the hardware version will be just a little sweeter sounding. Very worth the price of admission if you're going to use it on entire mixes or groups. Yes there's a wait time, I think Josh has done everything one would expect in dealing with wait times. Just know there's a wait going in and it's no big deal.

JSchlomo 14th March 2018 12:20 AM

Bought it used as the offer was too good. This thing sounds really good. Never used a grey 384, but several new SSLs and the Stam stands tall and proud. I realized it had an issue with the detector circuit and got it repaired by the European tech in France with Joshua paying. Now it's running perfect. What sets this apart the most from software is the low end. It just gets solidified and glued together and is kept in place beautifully. The trannies are subtle, but definitely a "betterizer". A keeper for sure.