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Synth Guru 14th August 2017 02:35 AM

Impact Soundworks Ventus Ethnic Winds - Pan Flutes
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Product: Ventus Ethnic Winds - Pan Flutes
Developer: Impact Soundworks
Formats: Kontakt full version required 5.52+ Will not work with the free player. 6GB disk space, 2GB RAM (4GB Recommended), 2011+ Processor
Price: $99
DRM: Link provided for download
Demo: Not available

The Scope: Impact Soundworks introduces Ventus Ethnic Winds Pan Flutes, an impressive sound collection consisting of over 650 pre-recorded pan flute phrases including 15+ playing techniques per instrument! The multipurpose Romanian Nai pan flute and the prevailing Andean Peru – Bolivia Toyo bass pan flute, are at the heart of this sound compendium and include TACT (Total Articulation Control Technology) which provides fully customizable mapping. There’s over 6,200 24-bit samples recorded through warm ribbon & room mics.

The Interface: The user interface has a beautiful and pleasing design consisting of colorful pan reeds spread across the top along with the name of the instrument. It’s divided into three tabs containing the main screen, an Articulations screen, and an Effects section.

The main screen has a mic segment that includes a close and room mic with respective pan and volume controls, ADSR envelope, various controls for Transpose, Fine Tune, pitch wheel and so on; and a scale section. Within Kontakt, a virtual keyboard can be enabled which displays the light guide in various colors that depict the playable keys and the keys which enable the various articulations. Additionally, there’s an Ornaments control that features Attacks – Releases that come in an assortment of Tongued, Accented, Flutter Atk, and Bend Up Fast & Slow. Each of these can be enabled with a 0 – 100% range for a Chance occurrence of each instance. There’s also an advanced sub screen for the ornaments. Lastly, there’s controls for Dynamics, Vibrato, and Flutter.

The articulation screen contains controls for adjusting the various articulations that are specific to the instrument such as Normal, Tongued, Accented, Flutter Attack, Stac Normal, Stac Accented and many more. Each articulation has an advanced sub panel for selecting Note as well as latching. The Dynamic control can be set to either X-Fade or Velocity which is perfect for staccatos. Once you’ve made your selection of articulations, they can be saved as presets and reloaded later for convenience and efficiency. The effects panel contains an EQ, Compressor, Delay, and Reverb. Each effect has a set of corresponding controls for Threshold, ADSR, HPF, LPF, and much more.

In addition to the standard Nai and Pan Flutes, There’s a TM Pro Phrases (Time Machine pro) folder for each type of flute. What’s unique about these folders is that each sample can be edited along it’s timeline. On the sample window, you can see a visual representation of the sample with a green “Start” line and an orange “End” line. These lines can be placed anywhere along the timeline to specifically capture the section of the sample that you want to hear with surgical precision. There’s a slew of sample types than can be selected including Arps & Runs, Longs, Mediums, Shorts, and Unique Notes. TM Pro Phrases can be set to play forward, backward, or bounce back and forth for an even greater degree of control.

Please see the attached thumbnails below to view all the elements of the User Interface in detail.

Sound Quality – The sound quality is excellent! The samples are crisp and clean and it sounds like the pan flutes are being played live right in front of your studio. The Nai and Toyo pan flutes are full of exceptional breathy tones and accents. The Toyo has a very mysterious tone and ancient quality to it. It’s great for bass notes and drones. Unfortunately, there is no demo version available however, you can listen to sound samples at the Impact Soundworks website.

Ease of Use – The user interface is very easy to follow. There are no complicated menus and nearly everything is within reach via the three interface tabs. The articulations can be triggered right from the keyboard controller or from the virtual keyboard in Kontakt. With the colorful light guide, articulations can be triggered on the fly while composing your track. The CPU footprint is very light, I did not experience any significant crackles or cut-outs in the sound while playing.

Features – NKS integration, it makes it super easy to take full control of the application via the light guide, if you’re using a Komplete Kontrol keyboard or with Kontakt’s virtual keyboard. Articulation presets can be saved which can really cut down on production time for unique future compositions. The effects are very good in quality and can come in handy if you don’t have an equivalent HW pedal or SW plugin effect for use. Drag and drop allows samples to seamlessly fit into your projects.

Bang for buck – Outstanding bang for the buck! While some world instrument compilations may have the Nai and Toyo flutes as part of the wind instruments, they most likely will not have all the features and articulations that Ventus Ethnic Winds Pan Flutes comes with. This collection is very worth it IMHO, especially for the pristine sound quality and the price.

Overall – Ventus Ethnic Winds Pan Flutes sounds spectacular and is the perfect tool when pan flute instruments are required, it’s perfect for inclusion in orchestral scores and other projects. With over 650 pre-recorded pan flute phrases at your disposal, you’ll definitely won’t be running out of creative ideas any time soon. This collection has all the articulations and phrases to keep your workflow moving along. Highly recommended for musicians, producers, and sound designers who are looking to incorporate lively pan flutes into their compositions.