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tschirmer 8th July 2017 07:51 PM

Chemistry & Pre Session Prep
Hello Mr. Hamilton,
I'd like to ask a question stepping aside from gear choices and whatnot. I'd like to know what do you see as crucial to really nail a session and get the vibe going. How do you prepare for an artist to go into the session, how do you set up your sessions and how do you manage to get you and the artist(s) tuned in. Is it a highly individual thing or do you have certain steps or recommandations you belive in from experience.

Alongside the chemistry: How much does it have to do with your recording space? What brings the magic? ;) We all know that there are legendary recording spaces ... (UAD got the Ocean Way Studio plugin which rocks for instance - emulating one of those very legendary spaces) ;) ... each known for different uniques characters and atmosphere. How do you see the studio building and atmosphere part. What is important to you and now asking as a really small studio guy, what are smaller studios/spaces you did recordings, that created atmosphere within tighter space / budget constraints.

Thank you for taking your time!