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davidcp 14th June 2017 10:20 PM

Balancing preferences of taste
Hi Jacquire-- thanks so much for being here and taking questions!

I'm curious about your approach to taste and interfacing with artists. If you imagine a mix or an element of the mix having a strong character in a certain direction (for example, a dark saturated lead vocal), and the artist imagines a different approach, do you demonstrate both, or yield to the artist, or engage in a conversation?

People often advise yielding to the artist because you work for them, but how do you approach those situations where you think something would be super cool and the artist imagines it differently?


jacquireking 18th June 2017 02:48 PM

I would demonstrate and discuss any ideas to make sure everything that is felt to be a possible representation was considered but in the end I most often defer to the artist... There have been times I've stood my ground and in doing so have to accept the ramifications of any outcome... But usually I do my best to have a strong but respectful opinion and then leave it to the artist