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plunderpot 13th June 2017 04:03 AM

Approach with pre-production
Hello Jacquire,

Can you speak at all to how you approach pre-production with artists that you're producing? Not only working with the songs themselves, but also identifying the artist's and your vision for the project/sounds/etc?

Thank you and all the best!

jacquireking 17th June 2017 01:51 PM

Some amount of pre-pro is always a good idea to get a little organization going but more importantly to start to figure out how the communication will go with the artist and start to establish a dialog around shaping songs and prepare for the recording interaction.. It's also a good time to sort out and prepared bed tracks, make sure keys are right, and consider tempos... In terms of specific vision for artists I'd say it's about identifying what are the most important aspects to showcase and how to go about encouraging the work to happen there, in the case of KOL it was my goal and direction to really make the vocal stand out in a way that it had to on the three previous albums, with James Bay it was not only about the vocal but the guitar playing as well, Norah Jones was the vocal in a fresh way but make her guitar playing feel forward and confident, Dawes needed to have more compelling chorus' and not too long in the story telling parts of the songs, Punch Brothers to simplify the instrument interaction to be more supportive to each other at times and less full on bluegrass jam, Kaleo to take a bluesy hard hitting rock band and make the focus for each song that are very different have a common thread and feel across the album... It's always something... :)

plunderpot 17th June 2017 02:37 PM

Thank you Jacquire, I appreciate the replies! Inspiring and good stuff. :)