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ClassyTouch 10th June 2017 07:06 AM

Studio Vibes
Hello Mr. King,

In situations where the atmosphere of the session seemed to be going down hill, in what ways have you stirred the ship back in the right direction? How do you deal with the overall morale of the session? Have you ever had to end a session because the vibe was off or did you find a way to push through despite the emotional difficulty?

jacquireking 11th June 2017 01:13 PM

I have on a few occasions had to close a session down from bad vide situations.. It's been extremely rare for it to come to that and I'm all about being patient and persistent when it's the right thing to do... Usually it's a matter of switching up what is going on and the approach, let someone off the hook in the moment or try to find progress in another aspect of the recording. I myself am not always ready with an answer or idea and have to be sensitive that the record making process is a journey and that there are ups and downs but you can almost alway break through if you stay with it