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ClassyTouch 9th June 2017 07:19 AM

Getting Vocals Right
Hello Jacquire,

Thanks for allowing us to pick your brain a bit. My question is with vocals, how do you approach your vocals in the mix? Do you treat them first or after you've touched some of the instruments. I've been having trouble getting my vocals to sit right. It's very hit or miss for me, any advice on how to get more consistent results when mixing vocals? Also did you have an "Ah Ha" moment where something kinda just clicked with how you understand and approach mixing vocals?

Thanks for getting to the bottom of this


jacquireking 12th June 2017 01:58 PM

After I get the basic gain structure of a mix going with drums and bass (Talking about your average instrumentation) then I add the vocal in to figure out how it fits before I get too deep on the other instrumentation that can crowd the vocal. I don't always keep the vocal in while I work on the mix but I definitely make sure I know where I need to leave space for it and its effects