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alexsongbeats 1st June 2017 09:07 PM

An Upcoming Engineer In Today's Time
I am a big fan of your work Jacquire, and I was inspired by your recent analog/digital shootout with UAD to ask this question.

What are the advantages you feel you had coming from an analog world going into the digital realm? What advantages do you feel an upcoming engineer has in today's culture that they should take advantage of?


jacquireking 8th June 2017 12:35 PM

I guess coming from an analog background but really still getting rolling in my career when digital emerged gave me the fundamentals of traditional recording chops with the ability to integrate digital tools as they came along and were good enough to be useful. For a very long time they were fine as recorders and editors but not able to extensively manage good tone. The advantage now is you can basically experiment with everything there is ITB and learn what you like and how to put something together in a way that you could only do with a big budget in a great studio (and many of those are gone now) The format is of you choosing now with a much smaller investment... The down side is most young or new engineers haven't gotten to see how sessions actually happen in traditional studios but in the end it's about creative ideas and spirit... There are a million plus ways to make a great record