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WideEyed 19th May 2017 05:44 PM

Sonic Farm Creamer Plus
I’ve been using the Creamer + for about 3 weeks now. First off, I want to commend Boris and Zoran on their excellent customer service. They were incredibly helpful in picking the correct preamp for my needs!

Now onto the C+. After just 2 days of use, I decided this thing was so incredibly good sounding and versatile that it made it’s way from my side rack to the top rack closest to my reach from my mix position… Because I want to be able to access it immediately, ALL THE TIME! I have compared it to my Chandler TG2s, Rupert Neve 511s, Phoenix DRS-8, and Dizengoff D4s (REDD 47 clone), LaChapell 583s, and an LA-610, and it has stood out as, without a doubt, my “go to” for just about anything that needs some “bigness,” or “sweetness,” or “richness,” or just some more mojo. In fact, I’m now selling my LaChapell 583s and my LA-610. I thought I’d be jumping back to my 511s for “super clean,” but since using the Creamer, I just always like it’s color/vibe. I can set it up in triode, low input gain, and solid state output, and it cleans up VERY nicely. The tube is still present, but it becomes a smoothing element more than an obvious color element. No matter where I set this pre, it sounds good, and it always seems to do a great job of eliminating the “digital edge,” without smearing transients or muddying things.

In pentode, +6 gain, and with the transformer in, it COMES ALIVE! I often leave it in pentode with transformer, because I just love the color it imparts. I am always playing around with the “fat” and “air” switches and love what they do to the sound. I just pre-mastered a record using the C+ into an IGS Tubecore and Bettermaker 502p, and with the “air” switch on 2, pentode, and transformer in, I was able to get the most incredible warmth, but with absolute clarity and no mud. Usually there is a trade off between warmth and clarity… I haven’t had to compromise with this. It somehow does both at the same time. The harmonic richness it imparts can be glaringly obvious or subtle and sweet, but it has plenty of headroom as well, so there’s little risk of “accidentally” distorting things.

All said, this has now become my “desert island” pre, without a doubt. So versatile and always amazing sounding!

bfish 25th May 2017 10:32 PM

It ain't easy, but who wants easy? It's completely customizable. You can change the harmonic content, add or remove output transformer, add shelving and different filters, and drive the tube a a little or a lot. It works as stand alone stereo pre but I also love it on a stereo bus.
I love this unit- I use it all the time. Rich, vibrant recordings. Completely customizable so very usable for many elements, including a mix buss saturator.

jazzalen 26th September 2017 09:53 PM

I have Creamer+ and i love it. It really shines on 2 buss and makes whole track sounding so better.
You can add low and high frequences and when you compare it before and after its night and day.
I really dig it also on drum buss, bass …. It makes them so huge. And you also get 2 amazing preamps with so many textures. Its crazy..
And Boris from Sonic Farm was so kind. He asked me to talk over Skype first so he would better understand what i want and he adviced me alot.
Tnx Sonic Farm Team

drdave007 31st October 2017 06:53 AM

I've been using the Creamer+ daily for about a month now and I absolutely love it on everything. I find that its so versatile... from bass to guitars to vocals and then when I'm done tracking I simply move it over to the 2 bus where it shines again. I find the mixes have a sophisticated quality to them, I'm not sure how else to describe it.... warm in the mid range and sweet on the top end without sounding harsh or brittle. I love the fat and air switches when mixing through them as they offer another perspective when I'm mixing down.. a bit like mastering during the mix. I find when I mix to where I like it when they are bypassed then check out the switches the mix jumps to life. For the quality and all the many uses I get from the Creamer Plus it was the best investment I've made for my studio , I have Avalon 737's ,LA 610,Focusrite 220 and Chameleon labs gear so its in good company! Boris is great to work with and really honestly cares about providing the best service, from helping with the set up to making sure you're happy with the Sonic Farm gear, its no wonder why they always get such great reviews in all the sound magazines. I Look forward to my next Sonic Farm product!!! You guys Rock!! kfhkh

Dpon 28th November 2017 07:38 PM

Absolutely amazing preamp. Used it on overheads for a hard rock session as well as heavy guitars and fell in love. Especially with a 57 and Neumann TLM49. I couldn't recommend it more. Only complaint is price point but I am saving my pennies!

Koka013 24th March 2018 07:59 AM

In order to pull off a world class mix, one has to start with great sounding tracks. Nowadays, more often than not, we try to do the impossible and fix inadequate tracks with plugins and hardware processors. But pale recordings cannot be revived if the original definition, transients and harmonics are not there. Ever since I've started using Sonic Farm preamps, I've dramatically cut down on plugin use, focusing more on positioning mikes and obtaining gratifying takes from the get-go. I started with a Creamer Plus and then added 2 Silk Roads, a Berliner, a 2di4 and a Creamliner as the time went by. Very happy with this gear!