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Elvis 19th May 2017 04:58 PM

Major Issues After Upgrade To Sierra. #Logic #Ultrabeat
Hello all and thanks in advance. So, I just got a new Imac running Sierra and I'm having issues with my copy of Logic 8. The two main issues are:

1. My Ultrabeat sampler cannot locate the samples in my custom kits. I have a whole custom library of samples on my local HD and for some reason UB doesn't know where to look now? After some forum reading I've tried re-indexing spotlight and I think I did this correctly (I am able to successfully use spotlight to search and locate my samples) however my issue persists in Logic/UB.

2. Secondly, Logic is experiencing a strange glitch. During playback as the playhead moves from left to right, it leaves a black bar/black space in its wake. I'll link to a photo below. Any thoughts? Maybe an upgrade to X is needed to fix both these issues? If I DO switch to X, then are all my files going to be swiss cheesed from THAT upgrade?


Tui 20th May 2017 12:25 PM

I'm amazed Logic 8 runs at all on Sierra... You've got a total mismatch going on, of current and old software/hardware.

In 2017, you need to forget about Logic 8. Upgrade to X *through the Apple store* (no funny business).

It might be that Logic X can convert your Logic 8 projects minus a few incompatibilities that always seem to creep up. I know Logic X can convert Logic 9 files as I've done it.

BTW, the gearslutz Logic forum is here: