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Fclintd 8th March 2017 10:28 PM

[Help] Recording Podcast wtih XENYX Q802USB to Adobe Audition
So here is everything in my setup involving the mixer:

Here is the Audition settings:

I'm admittedly a little novice at this and just trying to simply record my voice in Adobe Audition. I have Audition on the MME interface with USB Codec playback and recording.

My computer isn't recognizing the sound at all.

MarkF48 8th March 2017 11:47 PM

Is the 'Main Mix' knob turned up so you get an indication on the VU meter LED's above the 'Main Mix' knob when speaking into the mic?

I believe the '2-TR to MIX' button should be up/out and the '2-TR to CTRL ROOM' can be in to hear playback via USB. The position of the '2-TR to CTRL ROOM' switch may affect where the VU meter LED's get indication from.

It looks like you have cable from the 'CTRL ROOM OUT' jacks going back to a MIC/LINE input(?) of the computer. What is this doing? I don't think you need it unless you can explain otherwise.

I just tried a Xenyx X1204 USB with Audacity with the MME and USB CODEC settings you are using and it worked OK