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starskystar 21st February 2017 11:39 PM

Vst for Abbey Road TG plugins
I'm new to Gearslutz and this is my first thread.
In need of VST installers for Abbey Road plugins I own
I've recently switched to Pro Tools 11 and found out that my RTAS plugins:
EMI TG 12412 AND 12414 Mastering pack
EMI TG 12413 Limiter

will not work (bad news).

The good news is that I found I could use the following plugins if they were in VST form.
Bad news is I only bothered using the installer that was RTAS when installing them long ago. Since then the website is closed down for them at Abbey Road.

I can prove I did purchase them back in the day. I'm not looking for free hand outs.

Can anyone help me out there with VST installers for my mac for the above plugins?