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jeronimo 10th June 2002 04:07 PM

Behringer DDX3216
Hello guys. I know most of you might not be a huge fan of Behringer stuff, but I need to ask. What do you guys think about a DDX3216? Converters? EQs? I have an old Tascam 2524, will the pres on the Behringer be a step up from mine?
Any input will be welcome! Thanks!

C.Lambrechts 10th June 2002 09:47 PM

Hi Jeronimo,

for what it's worth I'll let you have my opinion on Behringer.

Do I think that they make great audio equipment ? .... NO

Do they offer value for the money you pay for it ? ..... YES

there ... simple as that ... now the explanation why ...

Behringer is one of those brands that give people the chance to start with a career ... be it as a musician / or a recording engineer or whatever .... in general it is very cheap and for what you pay for it .... you get good value. Nothing more ... nothing less.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that .... I've seen numerous people start out with behringer and the likes .... setup a small homestudio and get creative .... and that's what it all comes down to .... what you do with it.

Can you make a record sound like the latest Steely Dan with that desk .... I doubt it .....

Can you make it sound at least as good or better then a lot of stuff that I hear that is supposed to be mixed on big desks or big ProTools systems ..... yes I think so ... depends on what and how you do it.

Now for your questions :

Will the pre's be a step up from your tascam 2524. I think you should decide that for yourself.

One good advice though .... if you're on a budget and you want to start building some nice equipment together .... try looking at alternatives .... and ask yourself questions doing that.

for example .... do I need a lot of pre's at the same time. I often run into people needing no more then 2 ... maximum 8 pre's at the same time. There are some great sounding budget 2 channel pre's out there and even 8 channel ones.

If for example 9/10 times you use 1 or 2 channels at the same time .... go for a good 2 channel one.

I see in your info that you use a digi 001. Well those pre's aren't the worst ones around for example and you can allways improve your sound by looking at other AD possibilities .... Rosetta / RME stuff / Lucid .... etc etc ....

you want faders .... I bet a motor mix gives you more automation possibilities for mixing ... do it inside PT ....

outboard compressors ??? .... there are some great deals to be made out there .... second hand / ebay / ....

Maybe you can tell us what it is you want to do with it ... and I'm sure there are other opinions about all this.

jeronimo 11th June 2002 11:50 AM

Hey Chris, thanks for your reply... now, let´s go off topic and talk about something we hate (gear!! wworried).
I´m starting my own studio, and I do need around 10 mic pres / 5 line ins at a time. Why? Most of the time, I record bands (rock bands), so think with me: drums (8-10ch), bass DI (thru a Meek VC6), POD, POD, scratch vocals and click. I can send the PODs and the VC6 directly into the converter... the scratch vocals... are scratch right? But the other mics... I need pres...
I have the Tascam board... you know what... the EQs are not very versatile, but are usable (lows and mids are semi-parametric and his are shelves...) and the mic pres are ok when I´m recording loud sources (like drums... hey... you know what I just realized? I don´t need no DDX3216...) mezed mezed mezed
:) Yeah, beign around this forums... you know...

C.Lambrechts 11th June 2002 04:03 PM

you're recording to a digi 001 right ???

and what kind of budget are you thinking of ????

planet red 11th June 2002 04:29 PM

Unless you have a huge budget theirs not so much need in good pres for stuff like toms. I'd try to get about 4 good pres.... maybe a vintech 1272 and a pair of the FMR ones that are supposedly really close to coming out. This would all cost around 2 grand, but would end up being way more worthwhile then that behringer mixer.
One thing that I've found is buying cheap gear is the biggest waste of money when you know their's other stuff you want more. Right now I have a pile of gear thats about to go out on ebay because of that. Instead of getting great deals on the stuff, ive replaced it all and now im loosing a ton of money on trying to resell it. Anyone want to buy a mackie 1202 vlz... dbx 386 stereo pre with digital outs, a dbx 166, a shure beta 52, a mxl 67 and some other various mics? Even if i get good prices for the stuff, it would have been way cheaper to just buy good stuff from the get go. take care.

jeronimo 11th June 2002 04:42 PM

Guys, I'm using a 001 and a Korg 880 as the extra 8ch.
I have a few options that I'm thinking of:
Used Rosetta (2ch spdif into the 001)
Swissonic a/d converter (the 1/2 rack unit, i forgot the model)
Audio Technica 4033


Lucid AD9624 (is that the model?)
Lucid Genx6 to clock the Korg
Audio Technica 4033
-- and wait 'till I afford to get a Lucid 8824 --

The Behringer was just a... crazy moment... mezed

I'm planning to spend 1500 the most!!

rickcarroll 22nd November 2009 05:54 AM

Having trouble with my ddx3216.....seems to be the norm from what I have read at different places.....what other digital mixer would be about equivalant to it.....I am running motu 2408 with lightpipe for 32 channels total...I am also running Sonar for my recording.

tribeojudah 23rd November 2009 04:44 AM

I have acquired one and was wondering if it's possible to use it as a controller in Logic??

dgyope 7th March 2016 01:21 PM

Behringer DDX3216 File Exchange
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