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Disco Cubist 18th February 2017 10:07 AM

Achieving Atmosphere and Depth
Hey David :)

Longtime enjoyer of your tracks and of course live shows with Jonah, Benjamin, Juju & Jordash at freero. The first Reagenz show there a few years back was especially amazing.

Some of your tracks keep things sounding really full even when there are very few (or seemingly few) elements in the mix.

Aspiration 2010, most of the Playtime album and especially the gorgeous Lush Summer Rain track on Shanti are great examples of this, with rich atmosphere right from the first kick.

I wondered if you could share some thoughts on how you achieve that atmosphere or, if it happens as one of those moments where things just come together, give some ideas on how you manage to build up to that point so consistently?

Tausend Dank!

move d 24th February 2017 07:03 PM

hey disco cubist,
first thing: the tracks you are mentioning were produced in different ways, using different hard- and software. in other words, creating an atmosphere as you call it, doesn't appear to be exclusive to a certain method of working.
the playtime album is made using mainly real hardware and (accoustic) instruments. lush summer rain still goes back to the pre ableton live era when i was experimenting with max/msp namely the jhno looper and some awesome shared patches by twerk. aspiration 2010 is pretty much all done in ableton using vstis. no rocket science, whatsoever.
all examples are using at least a minumum of "moved air" aka microphone / field recordings or samples.
these will certainly help to give a more spacious or atmospheric feel to the tracks. everything else must be down to way how i bake them in a non dogmatic, non standardized but personal way...