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counterspy 12th February 2017 03:23 AM

Software Instruments?
Forever a fan heppy

Are software instruments used in your productions? If yes, do you have any favorites?

move d 12th February 2017 12:31 PM

at this point i am not using a lot vst instruments, but there are a couple that i keep coming back to: korg Legacy Collection, Arturia Analog Factory, GForce Mtron, Ableton's Operator, Urs Heckmann's "love the machines" virtual vintage drum machines freeware bundled with german Sound&Recording magazine.
but generally i am very tired (and too blind) of staring at the screen.
i think vstis are good for one or two elements, but compared to hardware they lack depth and air, so i wouldn't recomnend building an entire track with virtual instruments, but other people definitely do so (successfully, as well)...