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Groovydude 6th February 2017 08:18 AM

API Channelstrip for Acoustic Guitar Recording
Hi Folks

Im looking for a good channelstrip for acoustic guitar recording and im interested to the api channelstrip.

unfortunately there are not many reviews online from the api thc.
is there anyone who has this piece of gear and does acoustic guitar recordings?

if someone could share his experiences, that would be great.

What mic would be a good fit to it?

im working now with a brauner ae mic through a neve 1073 dpa micpre into a rme fireface converter.

is the api a jump to more "colourfull sound"? or would you say that my gear is ok?
I really want to make the best out of a channelstrip, so im willing to make some moneyinvestment for that.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

And excuse me for my spelling.



nbrecording 6th February 2017 11:34 AM

I prefer the API to the Neve DPA for Acc Gtr's.
I use it with a U87ai + Inner Tube Audio mod and an MC77 on the insert of the API.
I wouldn't say its better than the Neve just a different flavour.
It may depend on the track/style of music. :)

Groovydude 6th February 2017 01:19 PM

thanks for the info.

Does anyone have examples with acoustic guitar tracked from the api?

would love to hear tracks you made with the api.

captainj 6th February 2017 04:07 PM

I also use a U87ai with API channel strip and think it sounds great on acoustic guitars. As nbrecording said, not sure if it's better than the Neve sound, just different.

Most tracks on this song were recorded with the API channel strip. Acoustic guitars using Neumann KM184>API channel strip but they are not too high in the mix

I am currently recording a singer/songwriter that is mostly sparse acoustic gtr and vocals using the API on gtr - I think it sounds great but will likely be a while before it's finished

Doc Mixwell 6th February 2017 04:13 PM

great unit for your application,

Groovydude 6th February 2017 04:54 PM

hey captainj

cool track!

would love to hear some track where the acoustic is featured with the api.

anyone else?

mart 7th February 2017 01:41 AM

posting clips is rather useless, you really need to A/B.

check this video for a rather nice comparison of two preamps by the same maker on acoustic guitar:

it all depends on what you are going for. Nowadays, I prefer preamps that make an acoustic sound effortless without any artificial weight to it. On most vocals I tend to prefer the opposite btw.

owning a lot of classic preamps, my current go-to for agt is the GML channelstrip, the one with preamp and eq, whatever it is called...

bzone 7th February 2017 03:45 AM

Pendulum Audio Quartet 1 is my preference over the API, just to give you an option. Give it a listen.

andyfreeman 7th February 2017 04:07 AM

The API channelstrips have always been collections of previously available modules which means they're AWESOME.

API is my favorite for slightly rock n' roll acoustic - it's fast and just has the right kind of air. It's not pristine clean but it's not supposed to be. When I put an acoustic through an API 212 (I have 24 of them), it sounds like it's been EQ'd and compressed like I would do anyway. Not completely but very far down the line, you know?

API compressors are also my go-to for acoustics. They just seem to jibe with that instrument very well.

Tone Laborer 7th February 2017 07:49 PM

i use 500 series, 512-527-550b on Acoustic, and it's awesome, some good faerie dust, but your existing gear is plenty good enough, so I say save your money.

Wilburguy 8th February 2017 12:31 PM


Originally Posted by bzone (Post 12429833)
Pendulum Audio Quartet 1 is my preference over the API, just to give you an option. Give it a listen.

Big PLUS ONE on Pendulum for acoustic instruments. I've been using them for years on all thing acoustic and they never fail me and my clients all remark on the sound.

APIs are great but to my ear are more "solid" and "rock" sounding and lack the detail of the Pendulums.

Snapchat2314715 8th February 2017 12:42 PM

Reply to Guitar Recording Question
There was a thread a while back on acoustic guitar and API. I forget the link but i think they had an API pre, Capi, Heider, or a vintage API card or custom vintage API card with Jensen 990 parts in it. The tone was pretty cool.

Helios Type 69 is a good way to go also.

Groovydude 8th February 2017 08:33 PM

Wilburguy: do you have any acoustic recordings to listen?

Wilburguy 24th February 2017 09:02 PM

hundreds and hundreds