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Mikael B 11th December 2016 11:00 PM

Modular in software and controller experience?
Have you had any experience of modular synths made in software, lilke Softube Modular, Native Instruments Reaktor and similar and what's your view on the possibilities with these? Also, if you have been using these how do you prefer to operate them, with a hardware controller or just a mouse and keyboard?

Sevwave 18th December 2016 09:17 PM

Hello Mikael,

Thanks for your question. I hadn't heard of Softube Modular and just checked it out and it looks quite well done! I absolutely hate to use a mouse, partly because I also play the piano and I think it ruins my if I indeed were to play a softsynth, I would definitely look for a useful interface. I also don't like traditional keyboard interfaces, though, because I think they are "inappropriate" here. We shouldn't be playing these machines as if they were keyboard instruments. So, the big dilemma of the future is how to combine the positive attributes of software with the hands-on interface needs of the performer...this will take some thoughtful design and some awareness of what and how we want to control the instruments. Recently I saw a performer using the Linnstrument as a controller and it was quite remarkable. For me, I like the programming aspects of modulars and being able to quickly interact in live performance, so nothing comes close to the Buchla for now, but I see that pure hardware might not be the future.

All my best,