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TigerD313 3rd December 2016 03:04 AM

What effects are on lead vocal in Bruno Mars - Finesse
Question in title

gLeDaris 5th December 2016 01:44 AM

Good Question. I'll be the first to put myself out there with the wrong answer. LOL :lol:

The vocal seems to be drenched in a vocal room. It is possible that it was recorded with him 3 feet off the microphone, but I doubt it. Mainly because the articulation of his words cut through way too well. I've recorded that far from a microphone before and you don't get that type of articulation. Doesn't seem to be a fancy Verb of any sort. Not a lot of decay there and probably not a plate setting. Puts me in the mind frame of a short to medium room. I think a hall would have too much decay and would make it easier to identify. If there is any pre-delay it is very short. That verb is directly on the track and not a send. Something simple like Altiverb, Space or IR-1 verb might have been used because it has a built in EQ and you can roll off any top-end. The vocal has little to no presence above 12 k. This is all I have come up with after about 3 good listens in the stu. If this was done with Delay and not Verb I would be very surprised and would like a step-by-step of how this was achieved.

TigerD313 6th December 2016 01:19 AM

i was able to get kind of close using some room presets, but not the same I would like to see someone do it too

Ivandovich 19th May 2019 07:27 PM