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Lazer Toms 5th November 2016 09:45 PM

HP and LP filtering in Mastering
Thanks for taking the time to share your techniques. Can you talk a bit about hp and lp filters in Mastering?

For example, on bass-heavy genres I'm curious what frequency you often choose to hp, and how steep a Q you like to use (I know it will vary on each mix).

Same with the top end. Are you using with LP filters or more gentle treatment?

Any tips are much appreciated!

LucaPretolesi 6th November 2016 08:07 PM

Hello! In the box I like Fabfilter pro Q2 / linear phase mode and base on the key of the track I Hi pass filter, usually 72db under 30Hz, I leave untouch the Top end, If I really need to filter the top I use a shelf to take away some energy after 14/15k without 100% Low pass ..

andy3 9th November 2016 11:55 PM

HPF slopes
Hi Luca

Thank you for this QA.

When it comes to HPF how do you approach their slopes?
I often read people telling they used a HPF but this makes not sence for me because hpf can have so different slopes that change everything. I mean from 6db to a brickwall.

Do you have an approach on it?