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The Press Desk 27th September 2016 05:57 PM

Solid State Logic launch Nucleus2 at AES 2016
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Solid State Logic is proud to announce the introduction of Nucleus2, a new version of SSL’s hugely successful professional DAW controller, audio interface and studio monitoring hub. Since release in 2010 Nucleus has been hugely successful and won TEC, Sound on Sound and MIPA awards. It is recognised as a unique proposition for professional in-the-box producers who require outstanding multi-DAW control, SSL console grade mic pre’s, DAW I/O and studio monitoring. Nucleus2 responds to customer requests with the addition of talkback, main/mini monitor switching, a change to Dante connectivity and a new cool white look.

Few other control surfaces feel as good under the fingers as the original Nucleus, and five years down the line SSL felt it was time to add some features that customers have requested to make Nucleus2 an even better fit for the professional in-the-box studio. A key addition is a Talkback input with adjustable gain that feeds the headphone output. A large TALK button is added near the transport controls and the talk circuit can trigger a switchable -20dB DIM in the monitor outputs if desired. Another popular request was the addition of a second set of speaker outputs and a ‘MINI’ monitor button in the centre section for comparing mixes on different systems.

The USB soundcard in Nucleus has been replaced with a new SSL Dante ‘Network I/O’ audio interface. Dante is a professional audio networking technology that uses standard Ethernet to connect devices to computers. In a personal studio where direct connectivity to a DAW computer is required, Dante is a simple ‘single Ethernet cable’ alternative to Thunderbolt or USB, with latency of only 4ms when used with the supplied Dante Virtual Soundcard software running on your DAW computer. In a larger multi-space facility Dante is a state of the art audio over IP audio networking technology that facilitates low latency audio sharing between multiple computers. Dante enables users to combine audio devices from a wide range of audio manufacturers on a network and share audio between them. As of September 2016 over 350 audio brands have adopted Dante into more than 800 products and the great thing about a Dante network is that it’s scalable; adding additional mic pre’s or extra analogue outputs is as simple as plugging another Dante device onto the network, where it is automatically detected and ready to use. To help your networked world Nucleus2 has an inbuilt network switch with two Ethernet ports; one port for connection to your computer, and one port for adding other Dante devices to your setup. Finally, to make sure we’re making our network “smart” the Talkback signal can be switched to feed channel 2 of the Dante interface for remote communication to other rooms over a network.

About Nucleus
Nucleus2 retains all of the good things from the original Nucleus; high-quality motorised faders, metal chassis, big weighty jog wheel, heavy duty transport buttons, control of three DAWs simultaneously, and that assembled-with-love-in-the-UK glow. Nucleus2 is a complete solution for the professional in the box producer – someone whose world is centred around multiple projects, recall, fast workflow, and creative inspiration. It has all the tools needed to turn your computer into a hands-on mixing machine, without letting technology get in the way of ideas. Simply add a laptop for a fully mobile SSL rig.

Nucleus2 will be available from November 2016.

Link : Nucleus2 | Solid State Logic

callmelaub 27th September 2016 06:07 PM

yessssssssssss!!!! thank you ssl for listening!! cant wait to purchase

Lifer 27th September 2016 07:10 PM

There had better be a black version..

sbackdoor 27th September 2016 07:14 PM

SSL Nucleus 2
SSL announce Nucleus2 ahead of AES | Sound On Sound

cubivore 27th September 2016 07:52 PM

why remove two of the transport buttons?!?! :facepalm:

Lifer 27th September 2016 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by cubivore (Post 12161542)
why remove two of the transport buttons?!?! :facepalm:

Hadn't even noticed that! Seems mighty stupid considering the space is still there..

explorer 27th September 2016 08:13 PM

Really not a fan of the colour scheme.

Squawk 27th September 2016 08:47 PM

While dante is a nice feature, having audio integration with the control surface is dead weight and extra cost in the eyes of many people who might be looking at this product, IMO. Most people already have their interface of choice and preamps. Nice for portability though.

Would like to see two versions, the other being a control surface only version.

Also, the color of this new unit is terrible! Black/dark works better for a reason.

sigmatibet 27th September 2016 08:53 PM

I'm so upset with SSL! They just let Nucleus mk1 undone, and they just let it die. Beware!

sbackdoor 27th September 2016 08:54 PM

Maybe now the MK1 will finally come into my budget kfhkh

Squawk 27th September 2016 09:24 PM


Squawk 27th September 2016 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by cubivore (Post 12161542)
why remove two of the transport buttons?!?! :facepalm:

To make room for blank space of course :lol:

explorer 27th September 2016 10:55 PM


Originally Posted by cubivore (Post 12161542)
why remove two of the transport buttons?!?! :facepalm:

<cynic>To increase their profit margin</cynic>

salomonander 27th September 2016 11:49 PM

that design is just terrible. they better change that before release

callmelaub 27th September 2016 11:56 PM

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OH YEH!! Black there is !!!! Looks MAD SEXY!!

DrewSCS 28th September 2016 12:26 AM

I've never done the research to see how I'd go about integrating a Nucleus into my setup... Ok SSL, I'm interested now!

Squawk 28th September 2016 02:12 AM

I find it interesting that theses are more expensive now than the Avid S3, considering the S3 has more to offer. Choice of Eucon or hui/MCU, 4x4 I/O over AVB, etc.

I like the build of the Nucleus, but at the end of the day I feel like it's somewhat underwhelming for the price, even with Dante.

nightjar 28th September 2016 03:20 AM

Wuh? Talkback and alt monitor select?
Wuh? Talkback and alt monitor select?

elegentdrum 28th September 2016 07:12 AM

I just purchased a regular Nucleus used, still setting everything up.

One of the main reasons I purchased was good transports and faders. Also integration with MX4 cards.

My point being, don't take buttons away from the transports. That's a cope out to avoid managing the speed of rewind-fast forward. They are thinking ff/rw is an outdated way of working.

I think the only reason they are updating is to avoid the sound card problem because the subcontractor for the sound card drivers did not deliver. My guess is they took some code from soundscape and used that to create a sound card.

I think they should just remove the preamps, sound card, monitoring. And use that space for more controls like a bank of more rotary controls or dedicated punch in controls. People buy this to control software, not for the preamps.

I received the Nucleus two days ago. Hope to set it up this weekend.

Lupez 28th September 2016 08:00 AM

that colour...OMG :facepalm:


Arseny 28th September 2016 08:36 AM

OK, a new sound card via Dante is nice and a second set of speaker outputs with a ‘MINI’ button is cool.

I love my 2y old Nucleus. But if I could send it back and pay 500-600€, I would take the new one. But this can't happen: I'd have to sell it for at least for 1000€ less then I paid for. So, a 1000€ investment for the few new features is too high for me.

Please, SSL, don't forget the old Nucleus' owners. We invested lot of money buying that piece: PLEASE make a nicer, better, more usable driver/software. For example: Now I got the feedback from your support, that Nucleus can automatically sync/switch the sample rate when receiving a SPDIF signal, being clock slave. Nice. But, where do I see that in the user interface? A 5k unit MUST have that.

If I were a product manager at SSL, the new Nucleus2 would have:
  1. EQ on the PREs
  2. clock in/out
  3. new display with sample rate and clock settings
  4. sound card capable to capture DSD

this would be a real improvement and it would be ok, if we had to wait 2y longer.

But, before launching a new product, I'd firstly rather have optimized the driver software for the old Nucleus. Like in the real life: If you owe some money to somebody, firstly pay that back. Then you can buy yourself an icecream... if you want to stay/be a love brand and not frustrate your customers.

sorry, I was wrong: in the Nucleus' driver settings on my mac the sample rate is visible indeed. But Nucleus doesn't recognize the clock signal coming from my BLA Clock and won't follow / adapt its sample rate, when I switch from 44khz to 96khz, like MH ULN-8 follows and instantly adapts its SR. N

Nice faders, very well built, nice PREs, nice audio connectivity, but very poor digital integration in an existing ecosystem regarding clocking.
Could this be fixed somehow? Firmware & Driver update? At least transparent info, if it really can be synced, clocked as a slave.

benouchnucleus 28th September 2016 11:06 AM


Originally Posted by sbackdoor (Post 12161663)
Maybe now the MK1 will finally come into my budget kfhkh

I'm selling one if your are interested !

sigmatibet 28th September 2016 11:16 AM


Originally Posted by Arseny (Post 12162545)
Could this be fixed somehow? Firmware & Driver update? At least transparent info, if it really can be synced, clocked as a slave.

The answer is not, they haven't and they will not, since it's discontinued by now.

sbackdoor 28th September 2016 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by benouchnucleus (Post 12162671)
I'm selling one if your are interested !

Yep, budget-depending of course :-)

ChaseUTB 28th September 2016 01:01 PM

Good thing they have a black/ grey one! slate will like the white!

a $5300+ DAW controller with 2 preamps, + I/o but doesn't list?

Its says SSL on it though that has to be worth a few thousand kfhkh

Maybe one day the will make an SSL artist mix type controller, or thisnwithout the pres, Dante, I/o, no monitors outs etc :)

Arseny 28th September 2016 01:21 PM

I forgot to mention, that the headphone amp in the Nucleus1 is really great:
  • Better separation then my SPL 2Control and
  • slightly more natural then monitor output in my MH ULN-8.

deuc647 28th September 2016 02:02 PM

I still dont get how people(companies) dont see that adding unnecessary stuff to a control surface is not needed. Just get good faders and big enough readouts to be useful and sell it. Keep the preamps and monitor controls and soundcard and summing stuff and just get back to pretty and expandable basics. But SSL did step up and listen to people so I give them props for that.kfhkh

Antigua 28th September 2016 02:08 PM

This new version is brilliant!

One of the issues I always had with purchasing a nucleus (aside from the whole Avid not sharing Eucon thing) was the limitations of a small interface. But the option of incorporation into a Danté network changes everything!
Also a much more prominent and successful interface developer would help too!

I love the talkback and mini mons addition. Don't think I ever use ff/rew function on my daw, but I bet you could put those on the surface somewhere if needed.

I think if it's the same price as original, although a little high for me, it must work out comparable to the cost of two Avid Artist Mixes, a Danté interface, good quality mic pres, monitor controller, and duende plugs.

While I can see the pain of original Nucleus owners, I think it's the nature of things. I've had to bin 3 different M-boxes over the years due to these kind of diver compatibility issues. They were useless once a certain upgrade was performed. At least the Nucleus I afaik can still function as control surface, analog mic pres and analog monitor controller.. Possibly the spdif works too? If so, that would make it a great addition for an optical i/o equipped Mac like my 2011 mbp.. No sound card required! kfhkh

I'll be keeping my eye on the used price of these, I think, but at the same time not sure if I could go without those new features!!

Lipps 28th September 2016 04:12 PM

Still no eq/dynamic control section for you own plugins....

Analogue Mastering 28th September 2016 04:21 PM

They should remove duende and go €2.999