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marty lester 21st July 2016 05:37 PM

green jello!
not a question...but did green jello's record! i loved those guys.


SylviaMassy 7th August 2016 02:19 AM

Before Green Jello Became Green Jelly
When I first moved to LA, I took a job at Tower Records in West Hollywood for a while. Bill Manspeaker and Bill Tutton also worked there. They had just moved from Buffalo, New York, and had this comedy band that performed rock versions of nursery rhymes while dancing around in ridiculous costumes on stage. I love musicians with a sense of humor, and arranged to record them on a friend's 8-track. It came out so funny and good that they got a deal with Zoo Records.

We set out to record the album "Cereal Killer" at Sound City with two drummers, one of which was Danny Carey who had another band called Tool. Zoo Records had also inked a deal with Tool, so to save the budget we tracked the drums for the first Tool record "Opiate" at the same time since all the mics were set up. The Tool guys were hanging around on the Jello sessions, and you'll hear Maynard James Keenan singing on the Green Jello hit "Three Little Pigs". He is the high voice that sings, "Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!"

On occasion I would perform on stage with Green Jello when they played the song "Food Fight". This is when a half-dozen people dressed as different food items would storm the stage and start fighting. There was a french fry, a chicken drumstick, a pack of juicy fruit. I was usually a piece of pizza.