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donglekong 17th July 2016 02:22 AM

How do you use your eurorack sample players?
Hey Richard,

Thanks for taking the time to do this! I was just checking out your modular grid (again… :heh:), and it occurred to me that I'd love to know how you're using the addac .wav player and Radio Music modules (and Nebulae too for that matter, but I'm kind of more interested in how you use the more vanilla ones for some reason)…

What kinds of sounds do you load in each one (loops, one shots, drums, etc), and how are you sequencing, modulating and effecting them? Are you using mixed down portions/loops of tracks in them? Any interesting techniques using these modules you'd be willing to share?

RichardDevine 22nd July 2016 02:53 AM

Hello thanks for the message here, my choice of eurorack samplers and there duties below.

1. Addac 101 wav players x 2 - I use these two mainly for added extra percussion and short single shot sound effect samples. What is great is each one can load up to 72 samples per SD card. So I switch out two cards at a time during my live show, so that I have 144 new samples to use for each song. It brings a lot of external sounds into the modular patch, plus you have CV control over the start and end times, and pitch of each sample.

2. I have 3 of the Music Thing Radio Music modules, these are great in that you can play up to 9 to 11 hours of uncompressed audio from a single micro SD card. I load these up with tons of drones, pads, and really long textural passages. I love playing some of these through out specific parts during my live show, especially when I need a few minutes to re-patch things for the next song. Its nice to have something playing while you patch the next part. I also like to record long ambient spaced textural modular patches, then will record it then put that on to the SD card to play back as another layer in the patch. Really helps fill the spaces, and I have also used sounds from Reaktor-6, and Max/MSP as other source material.

3. As for the Qu-Bit Nebulae, I have a few USB drives that I use throughout the performance, two of them have a lots of musical based pads, and clusters of samples that I have organized to play at specific parts during my set. I also use a few of the Csound instruments from the library including "DripWater, Morphing FM, and Plucked Patterns. Really versatile as you can load up another USB drive of patches or sounds during the set.

donglekong 26th July 2016 11:12 PM

Thanks Richard! Some awesome food for thought here!rockout