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erazedfx 13th July 2016 08:04 AM

How do you prepare your live show?
Hi Richard!

I'm curious about how you prepare your live show. Do you write notes like 'patch a cable from lfo to osc A pitch cv' or 'recall seq 1 on this module'? And how do you pre-patch your modular before show? For example do you split modules into groups and use certain group in certain song things like that?

Many thanks!:lol:

RichardDevine 16th July 2016 04:54 PM

Hi thanks for the message here, I use a combination of things in preparation for my live show. Most recently I have been using a prototype 12U Eurorack case by Elite modular Elite Eurorack Cases

This new prototype case allows me to travel with my modular fully patched. I will often switch around modules, sometimes installing new ones 1 or 2 weeks before the show. I am constantly switching things around to improve the performance all the time. I try to do a few practice rounds with the patch before I take it out live. Once I have something I like. I will make outline notes going over each song that I will perform from the patch. Lately I have been pushing to play between 8 to 9 full songs from this patch. In my outline notes I write out what each module will do, a lead sound, bass sound, pad, or drums. Everything has an assignment, and will change from song to song. I use 3 Mutable instruments Braids modules and a Intellijel Shapeshifter that handles all the melodic duties. These are great modules because you can define/recall different quantized scales, and different synthesis modes really quickly. The latest firmware 1.8 for Braids adds a built in VCA mode so you can dial in your VCA settings very quickly, and start shaping the timbres as you perform each voice.

I set up my patch to work in sections. First I will perform with the first section usually moving left to right. The modules and setup in the left side of the case get used first then I move across, ending on the right. I have a few mixers installed around my case so I volume up different sections, and parts as I go along. I also run a iphone timer that counts down the time so I can practice the performance within a set timeframe. Sometimes I have a 45 minute slot and others a 1 hour 20 minute slot. This is a great way to get your brain thinking about the structures of each song you are performing, while keeping a sense of time, as its really easy to get carried away with the modular.

When I store patch notes, I first make hand written notes. Then once I have everything I like I will store them as text files in the computer, that I later print out. This way I can update or make changes to them easily. My protocol is pretty simple, I start out first by the master clock then go from there. So I look at my connections by the master clock, then to the sequencers, then control sources (AR, ADSR, LFO), then those outputs to the modules. :-) Here is an updated link to my current live setup on Modular Grid:

the bottom section is the left side and the top two rows is the right side :-)

erazedfx 16th July 2016 05:58 PM

Your answer is really helpful:D
Just updated my braids' firmware to 1.8 and the quantizer is extremely useful.Considering buying one of those cases in the future.
Thank you very much for your time & sharing tips to us!!rockout