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mt3 10th July 2016 06:50 AM

Synth Patch Documentation
I've noticed you have an affinity for the pen and paper patch documentation approach. Wondering if you had any tips/tricks for patch documentation in general.
Are the notes thrown away afterwards or do you archive/reference them at later dates?

RichardDevine 10th July 2016 04:32 PM

Hi thanks for the message, I do a combination of both pen/paper, and also printed notes from my laptop/iPad. I always start out by writing stuff down if I have a patch I really like. I have different versions saved of my live show. I also duplicate the text notes then do alternate versions of patches. I will print out the patch notes and bring them with me to shows. I also print out a performance outline of how I will setup each module to play throughout the show. This keeps me organized, and sort of keeps me in line with for paying within a specific time frame. :-)